How to Setup a Proxy Server?

Answer A proxy server intercepts client requests intended for another server and performs functions or obtains a requested service on its behalf. A proxy server is commonly used when a client and server a... Read More »

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Proxy server and normal server?

A proxy server basically forwards your request on your behalf, for a webpage, file or whatever, to the server that holds the information you requested.So it goes from you to the proxy to the reques... Read More »

How to Setup a UK Proxy?

Some websites cannot be viewed from outside the UK, for example certain streaming TV channels. The solution is to set up your computer to work via a UK proxy. A proxy is a machine that relays Inter... Read More »

How Do I Setup a Free Proxy in Foxyproxy?

FoxyProxy is a downloadable program that allows you to manage multiple proxies. A proxy is sort of conduit between the client and server in a connection. "A proxy server is a mediator and 'data for... Read More »

What is a proxy server and how do you use it?

a proxy server is a server that is in place in another area of the world to mask where your ip originates from. the only way to use one outside of a business is to go to a proxy website and type in... Read More »