How to Setup a 2Wire 1000HG?

Answer The 2Wire 1000HG Gateway doubles as a broadband modem and wireless router. As a broadband modem, you can get high Internet speeds on the device to which it's connected. As a wireless router, you ca... Read More »

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How to Setup the 2Wire 2701HB-B?

The 2Wire 2701 HB-B is a gateway intended for a DSL Internet connection and acts as a modem and router combined into one device. The gateway can be connected directly to a single computer with an E... Read More »

How to Install 2Wire?

2wire manufactures several routers that ISPs often assign to users for their DSL service. Some 2wire routers can also function as the modem, but in either case the device must be configured before ... Read More »

How to Set Up an AT&T 2Wire Router?

The AT&T 2Wire Router offers subscribers to AT&T's DSL service the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly or through the use of Ethernet cables. The AT&T 2Wire Router is a book-sized electro... Read More »

How to Set Up 2Wire for a Gateway?

2Wire Gateways are home networking devices that function both as a DSL modem and as a network router. Many of them have wireless networking functionality included as well. Because of their advanced... Read More »