How to Setup Different Inbound & Outbound Email ISP's?

Answer Typically, people use the same ISP for both inbound and outbound email service. However, there are circumstances where you may wish to use different services. One such situation is where the ISP th... Read More »

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How to Set Up Different Inbound & Outbound Email ISPs?

When setting up an email reader or email client to send and receive emails from independent servers, you may want to use one service to send the emails while receiving mail from another. This is co... Read More »

What is inbound&outbound customer service?

To keep customer concerns a priority and maintain loyalty, businesses may employ inbound customer service, outbound customer service or a combination of the two.InboundInbound customer service is a... Read More »

Is there a phreaking box that u can build so you can still do outbound calling on landline but not inbound?

Build a box? How about a little thought? A "stick" or other fax switch/line share device has more than one port and the port allows outgoing calls but will not normally ring. A PBX extension can... Read More »

How do you setup Verizon email so if you delete an email from the iPhone it deletes it on my desktop?

Hold the home (circular button) and the on/off/sleep button (button on top) for about 1-2 seconds and then you will see the screen flash. Check your photos, and the screenshot should be there.