How to Settle Lawsuits With Multiple Defendants?

Answer When you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit where they are multiple defendants, you can try to settle the case separately with each party. The parties do not all have to agree to the same settlement. Al... Read More »

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Are defendants entitled to civil attorneys?

Defendants are entitled to civil attorneys. Defendants can face high fines and punitive damages that can run into the millions. A competent defense lawyer will work on the defendant's behalf to def... Read More »

Do the plantiffs and defendants on Judge Judy get paid?

yes each party gets $500.00 plus whoever loses they pay the judgment I was on it in 2005

How to film multiple shots with multiple cameras and make it look in sequence and smooth?

Generally no. Occasionally when there are expensive effects like explosions where cars, buildings or other structures are destroyed they use multiple cameras. Minor stunts are rehearsed and planned... Read More »

Can IRAs Be Taken in Lawsuits?

An Individual Retirement Account provides significant protection from taxes as you save for retirement. The money that you place in an IRA grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it at retirement. Ro... Read More »