How to Set up Sprinklers for a Flower Garden?

Answer Flower gardens add texture and color to the landscape, attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the area, and often emit pleasant aromas as well. Water is a necessity to maintaining a flower garden,... Read More »

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Would you prefer to have a flower garden or a vegetable garden Why?

Vegetable garden is what my mind / intellect would prefer but a Flower garden is what my heart and soul want. Its aesthetically more beautiful to watch beds of roses than watching Pumpkins and bean... Read More »

Best Fertilizers for a Flower Garden?

The best fertilizers for a flower garden are not necessarily super strength, but are formulated to promote overall plant growth and flowering. A balanced flowering plant fertilizer feeds the leave... Read More »

What is your favorite flower in your garden?

The flower that really catches my attention right now that have bloomed is our pink Mandavila. One plant with about 20 blooms right now. Im still waiting on my moonflowers to start their thing. :PT... Read More »

Have you ever been to Orchid flower garden ?

My sister's mother in law began a Orchid Society in Florida, USA. She had imported orchids from all over the world and I, like you, felt the wonderment of her collection. Honestly, her orchids we... Read More »