How to Set the Speaker Levels in a 5.1 System With a Sound Level Meter?

Answer 5.1 systems are a great element of any home theater, but getting the most out of a 5.1 system means being able to adjust it for optimum performance. One of the most important elements that must be ... Read More »

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What led tv with best sound quality without adding an extra speaker system?

ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with Integrated Stereo Speakers is a great monitor for the price. It has an amazing display that hasn't gotten l... Read More »

If a home speaker system as a optical in put instead of a hdmi thingy can you still get a good sound with HD?

fc all good home speaker systems have an optical input, they then have a hdmi OUTPUT for the picture to go into your hd ready tv. I have never seen a sound system that has a hdmi input.wg

When my surround sound system is on mode "AUX", sound only comes out of one speaker. How can I fix that?

There's a couple issues that may be coming up:... The XBOX may be outputting audio in mono. If that's the case, you'll need to split the signal using a balanced splitter to get two-speaker operatio... Read More »

What is a sound level meter?

Sound level meters offer a quick and simple method for determining the sound level of a given environment, displaying the decibel level of sound captured by a microphone.DefinitionToolingU defines ... Read More »