How to Set the Oil Burner Differential on a Honeywell Controller?

Answer The Honeywell Aquastat Controller maintains your hot-water heater at optimum temperature, maintaining hot water without continuous heating. At the high-limit setting, the boiler turns off and maint... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Honeywell Oil Burner?

Honeywell oil boilers are hot water heaters for the home that are controlled by a central thermostat. The company warns in its technical manual that the oil burner does not have any parts that are ... Read More »

Problems With a S8610U Honeywell Controller?

Heating systems, such as gas-fired furnaces and boilers, need a control module for regulating heat output based on a user's thermostat setting. A control module, like Honeywell's S8610U controller,... Read More »

Does a large burner on the stove use more electricity than a small burner?

Yes, a large burner uses more electricity than a small burner on an electric stove. The more coils are heated, the more heat, and therefore electricity, will be used. If you're trying to save elect... Read More »

Just got new pc but wen i try to burn it says connect a burner or install it but i have burner built in?

Do you have burning software? Try deep burner with a search if not.