How to Set the Idle on a 1994 XR100?

Answer The single-cylinder engine used by a 1994 Honda XR100R dirt bike relies on a well-defined 1,200 rpm range in order to run smoothly while stationary. This idle speed is more than sufficient to opera... Read More »

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How to Make Your XR100 Louder?

This article will try to give you an overview on how to make your Xr100 very loud,and make it have more low end (more power).

Which dirt bike is best for me A Crf80 or a Xr100?

Haha dude that bikes way too small for you, Look into crf230f or crf150f

How to Idle in IRC?

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What does idle mean on i.m.?

Well, that is a very good question. It means that the computer in subject has not had any action for a set amount of time. These actions include any moving of the mouse, touching of the keybourd, e... Read More »