How to Set the DVR Magnavox Box to Get Full Screen?

Answer A DVR system has many options that you can set. One is the full-screen or display mode, for the television. This needs to be adjusted if you do not have a television that can view a movie or progra... Read More »

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Is it in any way negative to have a full screen game running on one 27 inch screen whilst the second screen?

Cooling has nothing to do with it.You can imagine that it takes a lot of resources for your to computer (especially your videocard) to drive 2 different displays.That is at least, 2 different displ... Read More »

32" Philips Magnavox Flat Screen TV has sound but no picture when first turned on?

it is on the way out , could be a electronic hardware failure or the picture tube most likely the tube .time to replace it don't waste money repairing it as it could last a month or 12 months when ... Read More »

My Dell Laptop Screen Doesn't Display Full Screen When I Change the Resolution?

If you Dell laptop computer screen isn't displaying a full-screen image after you adjust its overall resolution, this means that you've changed to a resolution that your monitor doesn't support. Yo... Read More »

Screen Goes black when switching to full screen mode when watching video feeds ?

What has worked for me so far (knock on wood) is when you have the video in it's original size (not full screen), right click, click "settings" and then click the left-most tab on the page that com... Read More »