How to Set the Andis Styliner II?

Answer The Andis Styliner II is a professional trimmer that allows you to outline and shape hair to give it that extra professional touch. With its carbon-steel T-blade, it is designed for close-cutting a... Read More »

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How to Adjust an Andis Styliner 2?

The Andis Styliner 2 (SL II) is a professional electric hair and beard trimmer for men. It is available from professional beauty and barber supply houses, and it is used by barbers and stylists to ... Read More »

How to Put on an Andis Blade?

Andis is a company that makes all sorts of products from trimmers to clippers to curling irons to hair dryers. Andis has been around for more than 75 years. Production of this line began in a small... Read More »

Andis T-Outliner Tips?

The Andis Company has been in the hair cutting business since 1922, and along its history, leadership has been passed from father to son. Part of the company's success is in providing products such... Read More »

How to Sharpen an Andis T-Liner?

The Andis T-Liner Trimmer is a popular hair clipper. It can be used for shaving or outlining hairlines. Over time, the friction from repeated and extended use dulls the blades, which reduces the pr... Read More »