How to Set the Alarm on a Harley?

Answer The alarm on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is very important. It keeps thieves from riding off on your bike, allowing you to walk away from it for a period of time worry-free. But if your lose yo... Read More »

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How to Add an Alarm FOB on a Harley?

Key FOBs are not just popular on different types of cars, but can be programmed for motorcycles like Harleys as well. You can add your alarm FOB to your motorocycle in just seconds from the dashboa... Read More »

How to Activate the Harley Alarm Key Fob?

Keyless remotes are not only popular on cars around the world, but can be equipped to your motorcycle as well. These key remotes, known as key FOBs, can be synced to your Harley in just seconds. Yo... Read More »

How to Activate the Alarm Key Fob Assignment for a Harley?

Motorcycle manufacturers use keyless fobs so their customers can easily activate the alarm. Harley makes it easy for their customers to set the alarm fobs for their motorcycles without having to go... Read More »

How to Reset Harley Factory Alarm?

Your Harley came with a key fob. If for some reason you do not have the key fob present, but you do have the key, you will need to have reset the factory alarm with your own personal identification... Read More »