How to Set snooze time in ipod touch?

Answer Go to settings, then menu settings , then scroll down 2 bottom of list and push center button when selector is on "snooze"

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When is the best time to buy an ipod touch?

Previous generations are always cheaper after the new ones come out. Buy online about 2-3 months after the 5g. If you wait longer, they might not carry it anymore and you'll have to buy off eBay (s... Read More »

How do you change snooze time in iPhone 4?

You can't! The 9 minute snooze time is a default manufacture setting that users are not allowed to manipulate. This is so for many other handsets so don't get too upset at apple.

How do you Face Time on an iPod touch?

If you have the fourth gen you should have it

Can you Face Time between iPod Touch and iPhone?

For the iPod Touch 4: If the ipod touch's owner has the iphone owner's number, they can add it to 'contacts' and press 'facetime' and it should work. If the iphone owner has the ipod touch owner's ... Read More »