How to Set for Voice Priority in Ventrilo?

Answer Ventrilo is a communication program that allows users to collaborate via the internet using microphones. You must have access to the server administrator settings to mute everyone while you are sp... Read More »

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What is type of device u use to analyze your regular voice into the chipmunk's voice?

The right way to do this is to double the frequency of the audiio. Speeding up the tape will do this also, but the rate of speech also increases by 2. If you double the frequency you get the high... Read More »

My voice is so age is 17 but i sound like a 30-40 yr my question is,how to make my voice soft?

Heavy in what way. If you mean deep then that is never a bad thing! Think Richard Armitage, Alan Rickman, Sean Bean. All are gorgeous because of their voices.If you mean you want to have a less har... Read More »

How do I use Ventrilo?

User NameOpen Ventrilo. Click on the square button with an arrow to the right of the words "User Name". Click the "New" button. Enter your desired user name. Click "Okay". The other information in ... Read More »

Why do some radio DJs put on that fake annoying voice Why don't they just use their regular voice?