How to Set an iPhone on Vibrate for Text Messages?

Answer If you don't want to be disturbed by bleeps and tones from your Apple iPhone, you can switch the phone to silent mode, so when you receive a call or SMS text message on the iPhone, the device will ... Read More »

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How do you get your iPhone to vibrate when you get a text?

I figured out an easy/hard way to make the iphone actually vibrate on incoming texts and sound on incoming calls. First, you will need to download any free ringtone maker and also a free music down... Read More »

How to Delete Text Messages From an iPhone?

Do you have an ex you want to forget? Meaningless texts from your phone company? Texts you'd rather your parents not see? Need to delete some text messages?Fortunately, deleting text messages from ... Read More »

How do you forward text messages on the iPhone 3G?

If you get the IPhone 3G update off your computer, that's free, you just double click on a message and you'll have the option to copy it. Then you would need to paste it into were you type. My favo... Read More »

Why can't you receive text messages on your iphone?

You can, you probably just have texting blocked. Go to your local apple/at&t store and get it fixed.