How to Set an Elgin Key Wind Watch?

Answer The Elgin Watch Company began in 1864 under the name National Watch Company and introduced its first watch in May 1867. The first watch was named the "B.W. Raymond" watch and was railroad grade. Th... Read More »

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How do i wind an elgin railroad pocket watch?

Make sure the lever, a metal piece located on the bezel underneath the 5 o'clock position, is pressed in fully. Turn the crown clockwise to wind the watch. You will feel resistance in the crown whe... Read More »

How to Tell an Authentic Elgin Watch From a Fake One?

The Elgin National Watch Company began in 1864 by offering seven employees of the Waltham Watch Company an annual salary of $5,000 per year plus bonuses if they would work for their new company. Th... Read More »

How to Wind a Watch?

Most modern wrist watches run on batteries. Traditional mechanical watches, small fashion watches, or "vintage" watches are usually powered by a spring mechanism. A spring tightens as you wind it a... Read More »

How to Wind an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch means that it is self-winding. The springs in an automatic watch are set to move with the natural movement of your wrist, so the watch stays wound when worn. An automatic watch c... Read More »