How to Set a Twitch Snare?

Answer The simplest snare is the twitch-up snare which causes a small animal, like a rabbit or a squirrel, to be fatally whipped into the air on a string or wire attached to a bent sapling. Since traps do... Read More »

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How to Make a T-Bar Snare?

Traps are easy to produce and set in bulk, allowing you to save yourself the energy of stalking and hunting game all day. A T-bar snare is designed to lure an animal into sticking its head through ... Read More »

How to Snare an Animal?

A snare is a trap made from a loop of wire. You can snare an animal in a survival situation relatively easy without any bait using the following technique.

How do I fix JTV and Twitch lag?

Started to happen to me today! Same thing tried different browsers. All that may have happened is I got a flash update. If it was not the updates fault than Twitch is just derping mad! But this is ... Read More »

The Origin of the Snare Drum?

The drum is one of the first instruments made by human hands. Drums were used to accompany spiritual ceremonies, communicate over distances and, eventually, to create an impression of strength and ... Read More »