How to Set a Table for a Lunch With Soup?

Answer Holding a luncheon is generally a more casual affair than throwing a dinner party. The table setting for a lunch is just a less extensive version of the setting for a dinner since there are fewer c... Read More »

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Do you light the candles on the dining table for lunch?

Whether you light candles on a table for lunch is a personal choice, but consider whether the light will be noticeable. If the room is bright a there may be no point, unless the candleholder will e... Read More »

Hot & Sour Soup Egg Drop Soup Or Wonton Soup Which Chinese Soup do you like better?

It depends..most times I like the wonton, but I had a hot and sour one time that was so much different than the same ol same ol..omg..delic

Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup Lentil Soup Or Cream of Broccoli soup Which from this list do u like better?

Mornin Scooter, not really, but Broccoli over the others. New England Chowder is yummy.

New England Clam Chowder Soup Broccoli Cheddar Soup or Lentil Soup Which do you like better?

I like all of the above, with a side of bread please, yummy!Goodnight Scooter~