How to Set a Schwinn Odometer?

Answer Schwinn bicycle computers have several different features that will help you to better calculate and assess your ride. One of the most useful features on a Schwinn bicycle computer is the odometer ... Read More »

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How to Avoid Odometer Fraud?

People sometimes roll back rental car odometers to avoid paying mileage fees. People may also tamper with odometers when they want to make more money selling a used auto. The average rollback is ab... Read More »

Laws Regarding Odometer Tampering?

An odometer records the total number of miles drivers have driven a car. Tampering with an odometer means using physical or electronic methods to make the odometer present a number that is lower th... Read More »

Instructions for the YPK Bike Odometer?

YPK's bike odometer is a simple electronic device that mounts onto a bicycle. It provides you with information such as speed and distance traveled, essential notes that can be used for training or ... Read More »

How to Turn On an Odometer in a 1999 GM?

All 1999 GM vehicles come equipped with an odometer on the vehicle's instrument cluster to inform the driver of how many miles have been driven. All odometers turn on automatically when the engine ... Read More »