How to Set a Peep Sight?

Answer The peep sight is a round piece of plastic with a hollow opening in the center. The sight is attached to the compound bow string and used alone or in conjunction with a set of front sights. The pee... Read More »

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How to Use a Peep Sight on a Bow?

Just as rifles and pistols feature a dual-sight aiming setup, bows also need a pair of sights for optimal accuracy. The forward sight on most bows is an adjustable pin sight, and a simpler option f... Read More »

How to Align Your Peep Sight & Sight on Your Bow?

The peep sight is a small circle with a round opening in the center. The sight attaches to the string on a bow and it narrows the field of vision when the archer is in a full draw position. The sig... Read More »

How to Microwave a Peep?

Experience Peeps like you never have before! By being microwaved, these Peeps are gooey delights. If you got too many of them for Easter, zap 'em into something more delicious!

How to Make a Peep Cake?

A peep cake is very easy to make and it's also very yummy! This cake makes for an easy and fun family baking project.