How to Set a GIF As Your Avatar?

Answer When you use forums, chat or social networking sites, you are asked to upload a picture of yourself. However, there are limited numbers of interesting portrait pictures you can use. To make your pr... Read More »

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How to Make Animated Gif Avatar from Webcam Avatar?

webcam avatarThere are a lot of cool software for the webcam today. But how to create animations with webcam? How to make a few shots and combine them into a cool animation?

How to Create an Avatar Online With Avatar.Pho.To!?

An avatar can show an image of you that isn't quite you, but might describe you in other ways. They also can help you keep some degree of anonymity even if they use your own photo. Avatar Photo! ma... Read More »

How to Change Your Yahoo Avatar Into a File on Your Computer?

This will show you how to change your yahoo avatar into a file on your computer.

How do you customize your avatar with your own picture?

You must create your own Yahoo! 360 page. Do this by going to After that it's pretty easy to follow the instructions. Since you are already a user you don't have to create a wh... Read More »