How to Set a Dual C-Band Feedhorn With LNBs?

Answer The feedhorn/LNB (low-noise blocking) module is the component of the main dish antenna assembly that captures the satellite signals and transfers them to the satellite receiver. Some feedhorn/LNB m... Read More »

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Can I set a dual-band wireless USB adapter to always run at 5GHz with its corresponding dual-band router?

1) bandwidth will "shrink" when there are more users, regardless of what band you use. That said, the 5Ghz band will probably have better latency or response. If your internet speed is low (ISP spe... Read More »

What does gsm dual band mean?

Global System for Mobile Communication--or GSM,--cell phones can run on four different radio bandwidths, also called bands. The bandwidths are 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 megahertz. GSM dual band phone... Read More »

What Is a dual band radio?

A dual band radio is a two-way communication device that can access both the UHF and VHF bands. Radio amateurs, or "hams" as they are more commonly known, receive a license from the government to ... Read More »

Why do i need a dual band router for gaming?

You don't need a dual band router for gaming. Your connection might get a bit better with a dual band router IF the device you're connecting it with supports it. If not, you won't see any performan... Read More »