How to Set a Bike Lock?

Answer BIke theft is common in most relatively large cities. In some places, it is on the rise. The Los Angeles Times notes that nearly 2,000 bikes were reported stolen in that city in 2009. Thefts in dow... Read More »

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How to Reset a Bike Lock?

If you have ever walked out to your bike after a short hiatus and stared blankly at the lock, wracking your brain for that code, you know the importance of a lock that resets. Most manufacturers of... Read More »

How to Change the Combination on a Bell Bike Lock?

Bell Sports sells many products for the bicycle enthusiast, including locks. Their combination bike lock allows you to set your own four-digit combination. Some people might find the process of res... Read More »

BMX Bike aka Freestyle Bike vs 49cc Pocket Bike vs 110cc Dirt Bike?

unless you live in an unpopulated area of new york state, not city. bmx. as the other said, exercise, also, no need to buy gas and oil to mix properly or kill it unless you get a 4 stroke. if you a... Read More »

How do i get a masterlock lock off of my bike without knowing the combination?

put a screwdriver between the bike and lock in the shackle and pull down to pull the shackle right out of the lock. works like a charm.