How to Set Windows Wallpaper So it Doesn't Look Bad?

Answer Wallpaper images that come installed on a Windows system are made to fit the different window resolutions you can choose for your computer. However, you aren't restricted to just default images as ... Read More »

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Monitor doesnt support windows 7?

Ok I think you got two different problems here.If Im reading this right.. When the computer starts up and you are able to use it.. But when you leave it on and or put it to sleep the system seems... Read More »

Can I wallpaper over wallpaper panels in mobile home if i use a wallpaper primer?

you can do this, but be aware that your wall paper will only be as good as the wall paper underneath it.I.E. if the original layer of wall paper stars to come loose from the wall because of old g... Read More »

How Do I Change the Wallpaper in Windows?

Windows XPRight-click on a blank area on the desktop. Click "Properties." The Display Properties window will open. Click the "Desktop" tab. Select a wallpaper from the list, click "Apply." Click "O... Read More »

How to Create Wallpaper for Windows 7?

Wallpaper is what you see on your computer's Desktop when windows and programs are closed or minimized. Windows 7 wallpaper is customizable. You can use any picture to make wallpaper, or select mor... Read More »