How to Set Up an Aircard?

Answer Wireless broadband adapters, sometimes called "aircards," are network adapters that allow desktop or laptop computers to connect to cellular networks for Internet access. Most adapters use USB or P... Read More »

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How to Use a Verizon AirCard?

A Verizon AirCard provides Internet access, even where Wi-Fi hot spots and Ethernet Internet connections are unavailable. AirCards connect via USB or PC Card slots on computers, ultimately connecti... Read More »

How to Use G1 Phone As an Aircard?

The G1 phone is manufactured by HTC. It utilizes Google's Android smart phone platform. The phone features a large, high-resolution touch screen display, a full slide out keyboard and navigational ... Read More »

How to Install an Aircard?

Tapping into your mobile network's data service, Aircards allow you Internet access wherever you have wireless coverage. Aircards are available from a variety of wireless carriers, including AT&T, ... Read More »

What is a wireless AirCard?

AirCards are a line of products from Sierra Wireless that allow users to connect their computer to the Internet through 3G and 4G wireless mobile networks. The cards are available as USB dongles, P... Read More »