How to Set Up a Remote Desktop Server 2008 R2?

Answer Setting up Remote Desktop on your Windows Server 2008 R2 will enable you to access your system from the Internet. It's like sitting in front of your computer, it just responds a little slower and c... Read More »

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Is there any thing related to remote desktop server and client?

The school is probably using a Multipoint server:…Another possibility is running a Windows Server OS as a Terminal Server.For Home use be much cheaper to j... Read More »

How to Remove Dell Wallpaper on a Remote Desktop Server?

Removing the Dell background wallpaper from a Remote Desktop Server will speed up the connection by causing less data to be transmitted along the connection pathway. When connecting to a server via... Read More »

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows Server 2003?

IT administrators have a challenging task of monitoring and managing multiple servers in their company. Remote Desktop Connection helps to make their job easier. Windows Server 2003, by default, co... Read More »

What is the difference between 'Remote Desktop Connection' and 'Windows Remote Assisstance'?

Remote Desktop Connection is for viewing a computer's desktop at a distance, and control it. Windows Remote Assistance allows you to provide help to another Windows user by taking control. They are... Read More »