How to Set Up a Proxy Server on My Laptop on My Personal LAN?

Answer Your Windows computer provides you with a proxy service that is used on small home networks, making it more affordable to create a proxy service on your small network than purchasing expensive thir... Read More »

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Proxy server and normal server?

A proxy server basically forwards your request on your behalf, for a webpage, file or whatever, to the server that holds the information you requested.So it goes from you to the proxy to the reques... Read More »

What is a proxy server ip?

A proxy server allows people to make indirect connections with other networks. An IP, or Internet Protocol, address is a unique number assigned to every computer on the Internet. The IP address is ... Read More »

What is an ISA proxy server?

An ISA proxy server, or Internet Security and Acceleration server, is a computer or series of computers that intercepts information transferred between a sender and receiver. These servers act as a... Read More »

Why should I use a proxy server?

A proxy server is an Internet connectivity technique that lets you hide your IP address from others when you browse the Web, send email, download files or do anything else online.TypesDifferent typ... Read More »