How to Set Up a Letter Mailing System?

Answer Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest and still most effective ways to promote your business to consumers. With the demand for most print media advertising on the decline and the costs of broa... Read More »

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Is email faster than mailing someone a letter?

Absolutely, as long as they check their email.

What information is included in a mass mailing cover letter?

A mass-mailing cover letter should include such information as why you are qualified for the job, a request for an interview and your contact information. You have a better chance of landing an int... Read More »

How to Change the System/Boot Drive Letter in Windows XP?

When you install Windows XP two times on the same hard drive, the second system will not have C: as the default drive letter. But it's possible to have both systems using C: at the same time. Let's... Read More »

How to Change the System Partition Drive Letter in Windows XP?

A partition drive letter gives a section of the hard drive a friendly name that makes it easy to remember. The common drive letter many users recognize is "C." The C drive usually refers to the mai... Read More »