How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank?

Answer Setting up a goldfish tank is not as simple as pouring water into the tank and placing your goldfish inside. To raise a tank of healthy and long-living goldfish, you will need have the knowledge of... Read More »

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Can I mix tropical& goldfish in one tank?

It is not advisable to have tropical fish and goldfish in the same tank. Goldfish thrive in water that is between 60 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average temperature of 65 degrees. On the oth... Read More »

How to Clean a Goldfish Tank?

Need to clean a fish tank? Grab a chair and read this to get the best information possible. Here we go!

How to Set up a Fish Tank (for Goldfish)?

Ok you really want to get a fish. If you ask me beginners should start with goldfish because they are some of the easier fish to care for. You might know nothing about goldfish care until now...

How many goldfish can be kept in a 20-gallon tank?

A general rule of thumb is to stock a fish tank with 1 to 2 inches of fish per gallon of water. The type of goldfish makes a difference in how many can be housed in a 20-gallon tank. In a 20-gallon... Read More »