How to Set Up a Drum Machine in Ableton?

Answer A software drum machine allows you to arrange a collection of samples within the machine, then trigger the samples using a MIDI clip or attached MIDI controller. The Ableton Live digital audio work... Read More »

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Drum loose in washing machine what does this mean?

Bearings are worn out, its a write off.If you can move the drum up and down about an inch, and in spin its noisy, the bearings are going, the bearings are cheap, but to get at them the whole machin... Read More »

Drum & Disc Brake Cutting Machine Types?

A vehicle's brake system must have properly proportioned drums and discs for safe braking action. Drum and disc cutting machines offer an effective method for adjusting the parts' sizing due to dam... Read More »

My washing machine drum has stopped going round, please can someone help as to what could be wrong?

Where can i find a free easy to use drum machine online?………