How to Set Up a Book Cover?

Answer A properly set-up book cover features an image that is both intriguing and relevant to the text, while displaying the author's name and the title of the book. The cover should be printed on sturdy ... Read More »

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How to Cover a Book With a Book Cloth?

While books can take you worlds away, they aren't immune to the everyday battering and beatings of real life. Creating a book cover for your beloved books is a great way to protect them from harm. ... Read More »

How to Cover a Book?

Covering a book can be such an annoying task - especially cutting out the little square inserts for the spine. Little did you know, there is a far simpler method for protecting your textbooks.

How to Fake Rip a Book Cover?

On April Fools, do you want to make it look like you just ripped the book cover of your friend/family/teacher's very expensive/valuable book? Well, here's a simple way how, without causing any dama... Read More »

Who said you can't judge a book by its cover?

According to, the phrase originates from a 1929 article in the journal "American Speech"; however, this said you could not judge a book by the binding. The first reference to a cov... Read More »