How to Set Up Your Sling Box Solo?

Answer The Slingbox Solo is an entry-level Slingbox device that allows you to watch any one of your home-theater devices in standard or high definition on any computer or compatible mobile phone with an I... Read More »

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Difference between an arm sling and an elevation sling?

An arm sling usually just support the arm in a neutral posisition , while an elevation sling supports the arm and keep it elevated above the heart leve to reduce swelling and pain. You would also y... Read More »

How to Spit Your Game and Sling Your Slang?

Okay you got to get a beat going first. You can use a rap CD such as something with a fast pace and with some pauses in the song and lots of bass. But if you cant come up with something off the top... Read More »

How to Make a Sling for Your Arm?

You don't have to have a broken bone to wear a sling. You might have muscular injuries that cause pain when moved or need to keep an arm guarded against bumping by making a very visual signal to ot... Read More »

How to Sew Your Own Ring Sling?

Ring slings are fabric slings often used by mothers to carry babies. The fabric is wrapped over the mother's shoulder and then held into place with a large ring creating a sling in which the baby i... Read More »