How to Set Up Windows XP for the Best Performance?

Answer Windows XP can be a fast operating system when it's properly optimized. By turning off many of the features that come with XP and by running Disk Cleanup, you can free up your system's resources to... Read More »

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How to Fix Windows XP's Performance?

Few things are as frustrating as a computer that constantly lags whenever you're trying to accomplish a task. There are ways to speed up your computer's performance if you have the Windows XP opera... Read More »

Windows XP Memory Performance?

Random access memory (RAM), or simply "memory," enables a computer to work with large quantities of data. People who have a computer that uses Microsoft Windows XP can use a variety of measures to ... Read More »

Windows XP Tweaks for the Best Possible Performance?

Originally released in 2001, Microsoft Windows XP was in use by millions of people worldwide by the time it was replaced by Microsoft Vista. Just because the operating system proved to be so popula... Read More »

How do I boost Windows XP performance?

Lower Color DepthLower the color depth of your user interface from 32-bit to 16-bit. This will increase performance of Windows XP significantly, especially if you have an older video card. Click "S... Read More »