How to Set Up Speed Dial on a Motorola RAZR?

Answer Depending on the model of your Motorola RAZR phone, you can store up to 900 numbers in your phone's speed dial. You can dial a phone number quickly by pressing only a few numbers when you utilize t... Read More »

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How to Set Up Speed Dial on a Moto Razr?

A Motorola RAZR is capable of storing a large number of contacts. Make frequently used phone numbers easily accessible by setting up a speed dial entry for them. The RAZR can store speed dial entri... Read More »

How to Speed Dial on a Motorola W385?

Speed dial allows you to quickly dial the number of a contact in your address book. Speed dial is convenient for contacting people that you frequently call. The feature does not cost for you to use... Read More »

How to Use Speed Dial on a Boost Motorola I776?

The Motorola i776 cellphone includes two features that make calling your stored contacts easier and faster. The first is speed dial, which allows you to place a call to any of your contacts by pres... Read More »

How do I remove voice mail as speed dial 1 on a new Motorola v750?

Changing the Speed DialOpen your new Motorola v750 flip phone. Select the "Contacts" icon on your Motorola v750 and then choose "Speed Dial." Choose "1" as the number that you want to set your new ... Read More »