How to Set Up SMTP Server in IIS?

Answer SMTP is an email service that is used to send mail, as opposed to POP, which is used to retrieve mail from a mail server. If you have IIS installed on your Windows server, that does not necessarily... Read More »

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What does incoming POP3 HTTP or IMAP server& outgoing server SMTP mean?

POP3 refers to the third version of Post Office Protocol, which tells an email program which remote server to access to retrieve email. IMAP or Internet Access Message Protocol is another type of e... Read More »

How to Use a GoDaddy SMTP Server?

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a type of network connection that lets you send email. To send messages from your Go Daddy email account, use the account's SMTP server address to configu... Read More »

How to Use Gmail as an SMTP Server?

Sending mail from your mail client and having your email appear to come from your own domain name requires using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, abbreviated "SMTP." Your outgoing mail gets rou... Read More »

What is a smtp mail server?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the process by which emails are sent to the designated receiver. The fact a machine is considered an SMTP server is only determined by the software installed... Read More »