How to Set Up Network Share Definitions?

Answer While you may allow users access to your network by sharing a password, you may not want them to have access to your computer's folders and other data on the network. Thankfully, the homegroup feat... Read More »

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Can you share a scanner over a network in XP pro?

I'm not sure if you can. But even if you can, it wouldn't make sense for you to do that because you still need to physically go to the scanner to put whatever you want to scan in it. It makes no se... Read More »

How to Share My Documents With a Network?

The “My Documents” folder is automatically created when the Microsoft Windows operating system is installed. “My Documents” assists the user in organizing their files and documents. As with... Read More »

How to Share an Internet Network?

The safest way to share an Internet connection is to use a cable or DSL router. The router can remain powered on and will allow computers to access the Internet independently. The router will als... Read More »

How to Share a Disk Across a Network?

How to insert a disc into the drive of one computer, and access it on another.