How to Set Up Network Share Definitions?

Answer While you may allow users access to your network by sharing a password, you may not want them to have access to your computer's folders and other data on the network. Thankfully, the homegroup feat... Read More »

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How to Share a Printer on a Network?

Don’t think of buying separate printers for separate computer setups. System network support can enable you to share a printer with multiple machines so that all of them can print to it.

How to Share a Fax Modem on a Network?

To send and receive faxes on a computer, it must have access to a fax modem. The modem can either be connected directly to the computer or connected to another computer on a network. To connect to ... Read More »

How to Share an Internet Network?

The safest way to share an Internet connection is to use a cable or DSL router. The router can remain powered on and will allow computers to access the Internet independently. The router will als... Read More »

How to Set Up Two Computers on a Network to Share Files?

Having two or more computers connected to a network can come in handy. If you own a laptop and a desktop PC, you can easily transfer files from one machine to the other by setting up folder sharing... Read More »