How to Set Up My Paper Shredder?

Answer When you have a pile of problematic documents too valuable to fall into the wrong hands, a paper shredder is the obvious answer. With the touch of a few buttons, the shredder turns anything from sn... Read More »

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How to Choose a Paper Shredder?

More and more businesses and individuals are choosing to have paper shredders to protect themselves from identity theft and other crimes. Companies have improved not only security but also ease of ... Read More »

How to Unjam a Paper Shredder?

Shredders are useful things, but incredibly annoying when they get jammed up. Whether you put too much paper in or were try to shred newspaper, here's how to quickly get rid of it.

Who invented the paper shredder?

A. A. Low was issued a patent for his "waste paper receptacle" in 1908; his device had blades on rollers that shredded paper via motor or hand-crank. The paper shredder was later perfected and mark... Read More »

What is paper shredder oil?

Much like other mechanical devices both in and out of the office, paper shredders require the application of a lubricating oil to function efficiently. Paper shredder oil serves as one of the most ... Read More »