How to Set Up Group Counseling for Children With Anger and Conflict issues?

Answer Many children suffer from anger and conflict-related issues, which can greatly impact their education. The causes for the feeling of anger can be various, but the children need to learn how to cont... Read More »

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How to Work for Someone With Anger Management Issues?

Anger is often the secondary emotion, masked by primary emotions, such as frustration, fear or sadness. Working for someone with anger management issues takes, patience, understanding and tact. In ... Read More »

I'm a 44 y/o ex-con with anger management issues; is it too late to pursue my dream of being a cosmetologist!?

As if the main question wasn't enough to cover my chair in laugh-induced urine, but I had to read on.You *must* divulge your secret to perfectly conditioned hair! I'll bet you've got *loads* of use... Read More »

Do you think an Adoptee with Unresolved Anger Issues Should be allowed to Adopt?

Any person with unresolved anger issues should not even consider adopting. If a parenting test is given, it should be given to all possible adopters, not just those who are also adoptees. It woul... Read More »

How to Teach Counseling Activities for Anger & Grief?

While some move through the process of grief or deal with their anger alone, others benefit from the assistance of trained counselors. These experienced advisers are not born knowing how to handle ... Read More »