How to Set Up Employees as Customers in QuickBooks?

Answer Not every transaction in QuickBooks is a cut and dried, as it should be at first glance. There are times when a vendor will also be a customer, when an inventory item is best handled as a non-inven... Read More »

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How do I merge two customers in QuickBooks?

Find Customers that Need to Be MergedFind the customers that need to be merged. Often in using QuickBooks, a customer gets entered twice or more if you are either in a hurry or if there is more tha... Read More »

How do i determine how many customers are in my quickbooks?

Open the Customer CenterWith the QuickBooks file open, click on the "Customer Center" icon. Locate the "Excel" tab and click on it. Choose the "Export Customer List" option. QuickBooks will send ev... Read More »

How Do I Get to My Inactive Employees in Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks lets you make certain employees inactive without moving them from the database completely. QuickBooks Online does so as well but, confusingly, it does it under another name. "Deleting" e... Read More »

Telephone companies post rules customers cannot be"verbal" with their reps,why would customers act that way?

80% of the time they are very helpful and maybe 20% they are wonderful actually having rather long conversations with me if I am having a bad day and are almost like friends or counselors lol..seve... Read More »