How to Set Sportster Breaker Cams?

Answer The Harley Davidson Sportster is a motorcycle in continuous production since 1957. Driven by a V-twin engine, the Ironhead design was installed in 1957 to 1984 models, and the Evolution engine desi... Read More »

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How tough to handle is the Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 compared to the Sportster 883?

look up the weight for the roadster. that's my bike. running weight is 585 and it rides well enough to do 400+ miles in a day. and in the twisties, its responsive enough for me. u will have fun ... Read More »

Are the SIRIUS Sportster 3 and Sportster 4 docks interchangeable?

The SIRIUS Sportster 3 and the SIRIUS Sportster 4 both use the SIRIUS Universal dock system. The docks are interchangeable, and the Sportster 3 and Sportster 4 radios will fit and work in any SIRIU... Read More »

Is it safe to turn the breaker on and use my microwave The breaker tripped after a light bulb broke.?

well now you're going to split a couple of protons and then create a black hole and then we're going to get sucked in, all cuz you couldn't eat your freaking food cold like the rest of us!!!THANKS ... Read More »

Best web cams?

Just search ebay. I got a 4MP (!) webcam, with zoom, face tracking, and a focusing knob that can focus anywhere from its own lense to infinite, and it cost me £13! There are LOADS of them on ebay.