How to Set Idle on a 1989 5.0 Mustang?

Answer The 1989 5.0 Mustang relies on a combination of electronic and mechanical devices to control idle speed. A number of mechanical and electronic issues can cause the Mustang's idle to be higher or l... Read More »

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1989 Corvette Won't Idle & Poor Performance?

All machines will eventually break down and fall from the ravages of time, and even the mighty Corvette is no exception. A result of GM's new-found obsession with driveability and fuel economy, the... Read More »

How to Adjust the Idle on a 1989 Honda Accord DX?

Over time, the idle speed may change in your Accord. This could be the result of repair work, outside temperature or the altitude at which the vehicle is driven. The normal idle speed for this vehi... Read More »

How to Adjust the Idle in a '97 Mustang GT?

You can adjust the idle on a 1997 Ford Mustang GT quickly with the appropriate Allen wrench, as the throttle adjustment screw is easily accessible under the hood. The idle can only be adjusted in a... Read More »

My Mustang Engine Won't Idle?

The Ford Mustang has a long and rich history of performance and durability, but no matter how well a classic Mustang is maintained, problems are sure to arise. One of the more common engine problem... Read More »