How to Set Hydraulic SBC Lifters?

Answer It's uncommon for the hydraulic lifters on a small-block Chevy engine to need adjustment, but sometimes lifters will begin to wear, which requires that you reset them. If you replace the lifters, d... Read More »

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Solid Lifters Vs. Hydraulic Lifters?

The essential difference between solid and hydraulic (fluid operated) lifters is that hydraulic lifters contain a hydraulic plunger within the lifter body. Other differences between the two types o... Read More »

How to Remove Hydraulic Lifters?

Hydraulic lifters serve as an intermediary between the engine's camshaft and the valves within the cylinder head. As the camshaft rotates, the lobes of the camshaft cause the lifters to rise and pu... Read More »

How to Replace Hydraulic Lifters?

Hydraulic lifters can deteriorate from wear and tear or the buildup of contaminants and sludge in the engine oil. Lifter springs become weak or no longer travel their full path to return the valves... Read More »

The Best Way to Adjust Hydraulic Lifters?

The intake and exhaust valves govern the intake of the fuel-air mixture and the exhaust of burnt gases. Otherwise, they remain closed to hold compression. Hydraulic lifters, which ride on a lobed c... Read More »