How to Set Focus of ComboBox in Vb?

Answer Providing the user with a list of items to choose from can make your Visual Basic application more user-friendly. A combo box control is a combination of a text box and a list box control. In VB, u... Read More »

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Javascript Combobox Tutorial?

Combo boxes are boxes used in HTML forms that contain text options that can be selected. Combo boxes can take the form of drop-down boxes or a box with several visible options. JavaScript can inter... Read More »

How to Fill a Combobox with JavaScript?

Sometimes in web programming you'll need to change webpages after they've already been loaded. Luckily, JavaScript makes this simple. If you need to add options to a combo box (called a select box ... Read More »

How do I change the richedit font by using the combobox list of fonts in Visual BASIC?

Click "File," "New Project" to create a new Visual Basic (VB) application. Click "OK" to create a Windows-based application. From the "Toolbox," drag the "ComboBox" item into your project window. N... Read More »

How to Change the RichEdit Font by Using the ComboBox List of Fonts in Visual Basic?

RichEdit, also called RichTextBox or Rich Text Editor, is a control used in .NET programming like Visual Basic. With RichEdit, you can type and format text as you would with a word processor. To ch... Read More »