How to Set Compass Bearings?

Answer When you plan to go out into a wooded area or another area that does not contain streets, direction signs, houses or businesses, you should never leave the house without a map of the area and a com... Read More »

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How to Take Bearings on a Compass?

A bearing is a measurement of direction taken with a compass. The bearing tells you exactly which direction to go in order to get from point A to point B. A compass has a graduated circle of degree... Read More »

Why gyro compass is used in ships instead of magnetic compass?

Because a ship is made of metal, which can affect the accuracy of a standard magnetic compass. Also, a gyrocompass is is better able to point to the true north, which is more accurate to navigation... Read More »

How to Install Main Bearings and Rod Bearings in a 350 Chevy?

The Chevrolet 350 engine uses a crankshaft located in the bottom of the engine to move power from the pistons to the transmission and the drive wheels. The crankshaft has round portions that are on... Read More »

Are Roller Bearings Better Than Ball Bearings?

On One Hand: Roller bearingsAccording to, there are several types of roller bearings, including cylindrical, self-aligning, track, tapered and needle. Each type is better suited ... Read More »