How to Set Ceramic Floor Tiles on Concrete?

Answer A concrete floor is one of the best underlayments for ceramic tile because it is solid and stable. Floor preparation is the most important phase of tiling concrete floors. Dips, depressions and bum... Read More »

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How can you glue ceramic tiles to a concrete porch?

Go to Home Depot & but some Tile Mastic or thinset & a trowell, ask a few questions, read the instructions, shinny side up & go to it.. If the porch is exposed to the weather & freezing temps, you ... Read More »

Can you use ceramic floor tiles on countertops?

Ceramic floor tiles can be used on countertops. Check that the tiles you are using are already glazed, which means that they are permanently sealed by the manufacturer. This information is usually ... Read More »

How to Remove Old Ceramic Floor Tiles?

Known for its attractiveness and durability, ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, tastes change and with these changes comes a lot of dirty work. In fact, just the... Read More »

Can you varnish ceramic floor tiles?

No, ceramic is a glazed product. It has no pores and would not allow the varnish to adhere the the surface.