How to Service a Two Stroke Engine Carburetor?

Answer Maintaining a two-stroke carburetor involves a basic process of removing the carburetor from the engine, disassembling the unit, cleaning it out with a solvent such as carb cleaner, and replacing t... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Carburetor on a Small Two-Stroke Engine?

The carburetor on a two-stroke engine has a mixture setting for the idle speed and a mixture setting for the high speed. Adjusting the carburetor for this type of engine is part of the process that... Read More »

Two-Stroke Carburetor Problems?

Carburetors in a two-stroke engine provide the critical function of mixing air and fuel together in proper ratios for the engine combustion. This mixture, when combined and compressed via piston wi... Read More »

How to Clean the Carburetor From a 2-Stroke Motor?

Carburetors that work with 2-stroke motors tend to become clogged with sludge and other debris. So, it is very important to clean these carburetors as often as possible. In this way, you keep the c... Read More »

How to Adjust a 50CC Four-Stroke Carburetor?

Scooter and small engine carburetors come in many shapes and sizes. For the purposes of performing adjustments however, there are three basic types. There are those with a fuel adjustment screw, th... Read More »