How to Serve at a Dinner Table?

Answer The basic guidelines of service at a dinner table are designed to minimize confusion for the guests and ensure that dinner is a success for the host or hostess. The rules vary, depending on the ser... Read More »

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How to Serve at a Dinner Party?

Which way should you pass the plates? How should you clear the table? Serving at a dinner party isn't exactly as easy as pie. Here are some basic guidelines to help you out in your next dinner party.

What could I serve at my dinner party?

I made this two nights ago and it was soooo delicious! and it can be frozen or refrigerated until you want to bake it:White Cheese Chicken Lasagna (serves 12)INGREDIENTS:9 lasagna noodles 1/2 cup b... Read More »

What should I serve for dinner at my sweet 16 party?

First of all, I wouldn't make the party any longer than 2½ hours! Let it be over w/ them wanting more, not wishing it were over!Go Italian!Baked LasagnaCaesar SaladGarlic BreadBirthday CakeIce Cream

What we can and can't serve our vegan guests for dinner?

Try this website, its worked plenty of times for me.