How to Serve a Subpoena in New Jersey?

Answer A subpoena is a court document requesting the attendance of a witness at trial. At trial, the witness will testify under oath about some matter related to the case. Referred to as service, handing ... Read More »

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How to Serve a Civil Subpoena?

Subpoenas are court orders that require a person to appear in court or at a deposition. Subpoenas can also be issued for the production of certain evidence or documents. As a subpoena is an order i... Read More »

Can you serve a subpoena by certified mail?

Subpoena service laws vary from state to state, but many states do allow a subpoena to be served via U.S. certified mail, so long as it is the court that mails SubpoenasN... Read More »

How do i serve a subpoena in california for a restraining order?

FileFile for a temporary restraining order, a TRO, at the appropriate California county court. The judge has one day to approve your request for a TRO. The restrained party does not need to be serv... Read More »

Can a subpoena be served by certified mail in New Jersey?

Deliver subpoenas in New Jersey either by certified mail return receipt requested or in person. Subpoenas served by certified mail must be sent in time to be received at least five days before the ... Read More »