How to Serve White Wine?

Answer Whether serving white wine to a group of people or just one glass, doing so incorrectly can result in disaster. Corks can crumble, wine can spill, and wine that is too warm or cold results in an un... Read More »

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Do I serve red or white wine with pickle loaf?

I'm not sure - is Mad Dog 20/20 a red or a white?In any event, it should be served in its original container wrapped in a brown paper bag. Funyons might be a nice side dish to the pickle loaf. Ma... Read More »

What is the proper temperature to serve white wine?

The most common white wines, such as sauvignon blancs, chenin blancs, rieslings and chardonnays, should be served at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, according to When these wines are served... Read More »

Is Cat a white or dark meat and what wine should I serve with it?

Poll: When you serve wine tomorrow, will it be red or white to go with the turkey?

I think chardonnay with dinner and champagne with dessert!