How to Separate the Pump on a Washer?

Answer The water pump on your washing machine serves an important purpose, as it ensures that all of the water is removed from the appliance at the end of the wash cycle. The pump is connected to and driv... Read More »

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How to Separate a Power Steering Pump From the Reservoir?

The power steering pump is the motor that allows the wheels on a vehicle to turn easily from right to left. When the motor begins to give out, the wheels are significantly more difficult to turn an... Read More »

How to Add Oil to a Pressure Washer Pump?

A pressure washer pump forces oil through the pressure washer motor, lubricating the moving parts and reducing loss of power caused by friction. Pressure washers blow hot or cold water, depending o... Read More »

Do you have to put oil in a pressure washer pump?

It is necessary to put oil in a pressure washer pump. The oil keeps the machine lubricated. The pump will get hot and seize up if the pump does not have any oil. Changing the oil every three to fiv... Read More »

Windshield Washer Pump Problems?

A windshield washer is a useful accessory that is standard on most cars today. However, to get the washer fluid onto the windshield, the mechanism must use a pumping system. This electrical pump pr... Read More »