How to Separate the Engine From a C6 Transmission?

Answer Ford first produced the C6 dual-range automatic transmission in 1966. The transmission was used primarily in conjunction with big-block engines, but was occasionally attached to small-block engines... Read More »

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Does each separate tv in a house need a separate aerial?

No, one antenna with a RF amplifier/splitter and a coax cable to each TV will do the job.

Are separate certificates of deposit equivalent to separate IRAs?

Opening separate certificates of deposit equates to having separate IRAs. You can deposit up to $5,000 of after-tax income annually in each certificate of deposit (CD). If you are 50 or older, the ... Read More »

Can I use transmission fluid instead of engine oil?

It is recommend to not use transmission fluid in place of motor oil in a vehicle. Transmission fluid has a lower viscosity than motor oil, and manufacturers recommend an oil change if transmission ... Read More »

How to Replace Bearings in a Motorcycle Engine and Transmission?

As many Do-It-Yourself believers have discovered, the joys of dismantling and rebuilding an engine and transmission are few and far-between. The stress of "How am I going to remember how this goes ... Read More »